• Hedge Funds Advertising

    Hedge Funds Advertising by Andrey Palagin

    In 2007 the need to efficiently manage the increased own capital caused the Bank to accelerate the development of one more strategic line of business – investment business. NVC LLC was renamed to B&N BANK Management Company. B&N BANK Managing Company expanded the range of services on the stock and financial markets, and the potential of this line was assessed by the Bank as very high. In July B&N BANK Management Company received a perpetual license of FFMS of Russia to carry out activities of a professional securities market player for securities management. 

    Hedge Funds Advertising Performance by Andrey Palagin
    B&N BANK Management Company Marketing in ’07-08 (RUB)
    Andrey Palagin was responsible and developed the 3 years marketing strategy to lunch the brand of B&N BANK Managing Company and to increase the portfolio for the each hedge fund. 

    In October 2007 B&N BANK Moscow offices started selling units of B&N BANK Managing Company. Same time the management company became the first asset management company registered an index investment fund based on a specific industry in Russia. Its main assets were the shares that maked up the industry index RTS Metals & Mining.


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