• Design Projects and Ideas

    Design Projects and Ideas by Andrey Palagin
    Few examples of personal websites and internet projects. My creative works could be described as a strategy that accomplishes the mission. This can apply not only to the message development but to the choices of methods, media, money, and measurement.

    Blog made for pdfonline.com by Andrey Palagin
    Blog on PDF Online (pdfonline.com)

    Design concept made for BCL by Andrey Palagin
    BCL eastConverter webpage design concept

    AddTwelve website and blog made by Andrey Palagin
    addtwelve Digital Marketing Website version 3.0

    Lead generating website for Java PDF Library made by Andrey Palagin
    Website - lead generator for Java PDF Library

    A website for HTML to PDF SDK to generate leads by Andrey Palagin
    HTML TO PDF SDK - a website for PDF software development kit

    Andrey Palagin's personal marketing portfolio and work samples
    AP.pedia - Personal marketing portfolio and work samples

    add12 Digital Marketing agency's website design example
    add12 Digital Marketing Agency's website, version 2.0

    Empire Property website design example, made by Andrey Palagin
    Empire Property - Thailand-based real estate agency website
    B2B businesses website design examples by Andrey Palagin
    B2B businesses website examples 

    Web Desing Agency web portfilio design example by Andrey Palagin
    Design Agency's web portfolio


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