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Andrey Palagin

I am a Sales and Marketing Manager who helps medium businesses market their products or services which modern society really needs to make this place a little bit better and a life much easier. A wide range of skills and 15+ years experience support me doing that much effectively and efficiently than others. My nickname is Goal Achiever. I always have some fresh ideas and open for any opportunities. Do you want your business to go off limits? If yes, then lets make an appointment to talk about it.

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Andrey Palagin

Professional Skills

I am proficient in B2C and B2B sales management in real estate and financial industries, have 10+ experience in public relation and advertisement, hight efficient marketing project management, investment product and brand promotion. Advanced graphic and web designer who is able to interact with partners and customers in English, Rusian, Thai languages.

Digital Marketing and Analytics 90%
Sales Management 65%
PR and Advertisement 95%
Web Design 50%


Search Engine Optimization aimed at increasing organic traffic and site visibility on the Internet.


Paid per click - a combination of paid search and display advertising used to acquire high quality leads for a business.

Paid Social

Social Media advertising serves to engage prospects on leading social media platforms with precision targeting.

Web Design

Website development and improvement purposely for representing a business on the Internet and generating sales online.

Digital Analytics

Digital data collection and analysis that provides an organization with vital information and actionable insights.

Sales Management

Sales force coordination to move leads down the funnel and transform prospects into loyal customers.

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  • Startup Acceleration

    Startup acceleration in travel & transportation industry by Andrey Palagin

    Startup acceleration is a cohort-based program consist of mentorship, educational, and financial components, which are mostly applicable for early-stage, growth-driven companies. The most valuable activity provided by startup accelerators is marketing support, which frequently includes core elements of digital marketing: web development, demand generation, and lead nurturing.

    In the third quarter of 2019, I joined the digital marketing team of Key Group Investment Fund. It was found in 2009 to look for gifted entrepreneurs and implement their ambitious intentions to create successful businesses. Nowadays, Key Group provides the full range of Internet marketing services as a means of promotion of products and services, including SEO, SMM, search advertising placing and maintenance, market analysis, market spending optimization, and online brand reputation management. My (Andrey Palagin's) top priority was getting the best outcomes for its clients while spending as small as possible.

    One of the most recognizable and well-known projects of Key Group is - global P2P transfer bookings and chauffeured car rentals online service, which has over 2 million customers who order transfers through its website at the best prices.


    Digital Marketing Strategy Execution for in 2019-2020

    By developing and implementing the best-in-class demand generation strategy based on a combination of paid search, display, and paid social, I was able to deliver over 150,000 transfer requests with an average cost per action less than $8. At the same time, such an approach had boosted ROI from -60% to +225% in 8 months period. It is a must to mention that the whole transportation and tourism industry was negatively affected in 2020 - and in some cases nearly destroyed - by the world coronavirus pandemic.

    In addition to the main marketing activity of, which was focused on retail clients, I have developed the global digital marketing strategy to promote for Business - the ultimate enterprise ground and air transportation solution. As part of that strategy, Andrey Palagin has carried out several market research, created marketing personas, identified all the members of the buying center, and detailed the digital marketing mix based on effective b2b marketing communication.

    A few slides of For Business Go-To Market Strategy

  is another famous project supported by Key Group, designed for yachting and sailing enthusiasts. This per to peer platform allows chartering or purchasing luxury boats and yachts around the world on the finest terms. To increase the quality of leads generated by paid traffic, Andrey Palagin has determined the most valuable markets, set ideal customer profiles, and incorporated several well-targeted SEM and paid social tactics. As an outcome, the average conversion rate increased to 12%, has started receiving over 1,000 yacht rental and purchase requests per month, which are usually transformed by its sales team into 25-50 deals. - Digital marketing strategy samples

  is a US-based peer to peer car rental service, which nearly crashed in February 2020 and revived in May. To boost the digital marketing performance of its website, I have allocated all available resources to a few selected markets with developed domestic tourism. The car booking algorithm has been remodeled completely. Since the website was not capable of generating the required quantity of bookings, the additional lead generation via social media tactic was used. In the long run, by September 2020 has started generating over a hundred car bookings a month with CPA < $15.

    A less popular, highly specialized project managed by Key Group is - a Russian market-oriented service that helps taxi drivers leasing cars to do their job. By taking into account the marketing budget limitations of, its customer profile, and actual severe economic consequences, Andrey Palagin executed an intent-based marketing approach, based on Search Engine Marketing and re-targeting, which has helped to overachieve the quantitative and qualitative goals of the aforementioned client.

    Demand Generation Performance of major projects at Key Group in 2020

    To sum up, as a part of an innovative startup accelerator team, while being responsible for demand generation management, Andrey Palagin has demonstrated the magnificent results that boosted the digital marketing performance of each account and secured the ROI at a positive level during the crisis of the tourism industry.

  • Demand Generation For SaaS

    Software pitch in Silicon Valley by Andrey Palagin
    Demand generation is an essential part of any go-to-market strategy, which could be defined as an action plan that specifies how a company will reach the target audience and achieve competitive advantage. The purpose of such a strategy is to provide a blueprint for delivering a product to the end users. Pricing and distribution should be taken into account as well. In software industry, a go-to-market strategy is somewhat similar to a business plan, although the latter is broader in scope and considers such factors as funding.

    In the mid of 2017, I have joined BCL Technologies team. This Silicon Valley-based company develops document creation, conversion, and extraction solutions that are used to automate a wide variety of manual processes, saving time, increasing productivity and profitability.

    The company is supported by the US government and has already developed proprietary technologies through research sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Advanced Technology Program (ATP). These technologies assist in commercializing digital library research from NASA, NSF and DARPA.

    Digital Marketing Performance at BCL Technologies

    As a digital marketing professional, I was accountable for BCL's online products ( and SDK promotion.

    BCL easyPDF SDK is a powerful PDF Programming Toolkit designed specifically to help Programmers develop and maintain PDF server and PDF desktop applications. It is developed from the ground up to fit well in an environment where Programmability, Quality, Speed, and Reliability are of the utmost importance.

    The ultimate digital go-to-market strategy based on organic and paid search channels has delivered additional traffic to the website. As a result, it riced up the number of download lead for SDK on 42.88%. As part of the strategy, in 6 months my team developed over 30 different web assets, published over a hundred articles, conducted 10+ digital marketing campaigns that have increased the performance of SEM by 368.79%. CPC was reduced by 60.25%.

    A unique approach was used to generate organic traffic. We leveraged modern SEO and content syndication techniques combined into solid digital PR tactic. Therefore search engines appreciate as an important tool and source of information for PDF developers. For a long time, the site was ranked #1 for such queries as PDF SDK, PDF API, and online converter.

    BCL has gained several competitive advantages, including brand awareness, and over 2M visitors on the website per month. It has signed several long-term contracts with such well-known companies as Adobe, Prompt, Sony, Abbott Laboratories, etc.

    SDK and online cloud products have become the main source and the stable of income for BCL Technologies.

    Demand Generation Efficiency at Automation Anywhere

    Another Silicon Valley-based company, well-known RPA industry leader - Automation Anywhere Inc. (AAI) had made me an offer to join their demand generation team in November 2018. The biggest marketing challenge for me was to develop a go-to-market strategy for the new Robotic Process Automation Platform and to create a stable flow of leads via their website.

    New platform's strategy was based on paid search as the main channel and used social media together with display campaigns.  In 4 months after the launch date, it has delivered over 27,500 sign-ups with Cost Per Lead less than $50.

    As an additional effort, and the main one to get Marketing Qualified As an additional effort, and the main one to get Marketing Qualified Lead faster, my team used a new approach to implement SEM campaign for the cognitive automation solution. Global SEM campaign was designed to engage business users who are interested in a particular solution (provided by the company) and convert them to MQL in fewer efforts. As of now, this campaign generates more than 350 leads per month on search engines with CPA under $150.

    As a general result of our joint efforts, AAI website's audience has increased by 389.88%, furthermore, digital marketing channels have generated over 2,730 MQLs globally (vs. 1,988 MQLs that was planned).
  • Residential Property Marketing

    Residential Property Marketing by Andrey Palagin
    CBRE was the first international real estate consulting firm to be established in Bangkok. Since opening in June 1988, we have grown to be the market leader in real estate services in Thailand. Now it has approximately 800 property professionals, enabling the firm to provide strategic advice and execution for sales and leasing for all types of property, property and project management, valuation and advisory, and research and consulting.

    CBRE Thailand new projects marketing team provides professional advice for developers. It provides fully integrated services for project marketing including design consultancy, marketing consultancy and sales management for new projects. With an extensive database of residential purchasers and investors and our in-depth market knowledge, CBRE has proven to be the market leader in residential project marketing in Thailand.

    CBRE assist buyers in sourcing residential properties based on their specific requirements and budget. We advise purchasers on the location and details of each property. Its team discuss the requirements of clients and come up with a choice of properties to view, before taking clients on property inspections, advising on the terms and conditions of purchase, and concluding the transactions.

    Andrey Palagin's main achievements were: more than 1250 residential investment deals were closed with a total volume more than 100 million USD; Effective European and Russian investor relationship system created, the percentage of successful real estate deals increased thrice; Company has penetrated to Russian investor-oriented market and gotten perceptible income increase.

    Sales volume vs. CPS (THB) at The Palm by Andrey Palagin
    Sales volume vs. CPS (THB)

    In February 2012 following on from an incredible 12 months of sales at The Palm, CB Richard Ellis, Thailand’s most successful property consulting agency have had their contracts extended a further 12 months by the Developers at The Palm. CBRE re-entered the Pattaya market after a few years away with The Palm as their first development in December 2011. Since then, they have successfully sold 75% of The Palm, over 2 Billion Thai Baht’s worth of sales totalling 421 units.

    Two high-rise towers of the project The Palm Wongamat Beach Pattaya Condominium is the embodiment of style, luxury and prestige. Located at the very seafront, the project has a private beach, a multilevel infinity edge swimming pool, large private balconies, each offering a breathtaking sea view. Partial furnishing, complex of public services and an atmosphere of privacy make this project an excellent choice both, for those who want to buy private residence and investors.

    The Palm boasts exciting facilities that you would expect from a 5 star development. Designer Salas to relax in will be found around the landscape gardens as well as a large featured overhanging roof terrace directly above the pool bar. An extensive fitness center, a clubhouse, children’s play area, multi-areas for relaxation and a resort designed open lobby, all make for an exquisite welcoming atmosphere to enjoy.

    Most recently they scooped up 5 awards at The Thailand Property Awards and have expanded their interests in Pattaya with a further 3 high-profile projects. The continuing relationship between CBRE and The Palm is testament to their mutually beneficial working relationship.
  • Hedge Funds Advertising

    Hedge Funds Advertising by Andrey Palagin

    In 2007 the need to efficiently manage the increased own capital caused the Bank to accelerate the development of one more strategic line of business – investment business. NVC LLC was renamed to B&N BANK Management Company. B&N BANK Managing Company expanded the range of services on the stock and financial markets, and the potential of this line was assessed by the Bank as very high. In July B&N BANK Management Company received a perpetual license of FFMS of Russia to carry out activities of a professional securities market player for securities management. 

    Hedge Funds Advertising Performance by Andrey Palagin
    B&N BANK Management Company Marketing in ’07-08 (RUB)
    Andrey Palagin was responsible and developed the 3 years marketing strategy to lunch the brand of B&N BANK Managing Company and to increase the portfolio for the each hedge fund. 

    In October 2007 B&N BANK Moscow offices started selling units of B&N BANK Managing Company. Same time the management company became the first asset management company registered an index investment fund based on a specific industry in Russia. Its main assets were the shares that maked up the industry index RTS Metals & Mining.

  • Retail Banking Promotion

    Retail Banking Promotion by Andrey Palagin
    B&N BANK is one of Russia’s largest commercial bank organized as an open joint stock company under the laws of the Russian Federation. Bank demonstrates positive financial results, high current level of liquidity and capitalization, steady market positions and stable mutual relations with circle of corporate clients.

    Deposits capture campaign (bn RUB)
    In its business bank pays a special attention to the satisfaction of customers. Its team highly appreciates transparency and confidentiality in its relations. By launching and developing new products B&N BANK makes cooperation more effective and comfortable.

    During 2006-2010 Bank achieved impressive success in the individuals service sector, taking advantage of the great market potential and achievements in development of regional branch network. By the beginning of 2010 the number of active accounts of the bank’s private customers reached 500 thousand, and the volume of retail liabilities has exceeded 44 billion rubles.

    The success of the bank was ensured by an active policy on the market of private contributions, standardization of the product line and all the processes of conducting the deposits. 85.2 million rubles had been planned in 2009 to promot time deposits and actually spent only 68.5 million. It became possible to increase the Bank’s retail passive portfolio of more than 14.5 billion rubles.
    B&NBANK’s achievements at the retail market were noted and acknowledged by independent experts, and the Bank’s rankings was getting higher throughout the year. Business weekly, «The Money» placed B&NBANK on the 21st position among the thirty «top retail» banks and 27th position in «Top Credit Banks» rating. «D-Shtrikh» magazine, in its issue for January 2008, placed B&NBANK at the top of «The Best Credit Cards» chart (comparison of cards with the grace credit period and credit limit up to RUB 150,000).

    By way of example, in 2007, introduced to the market were: Dokhodnaya (Profit-Making) Banking Card combining the advantages of an ordinary payment card and time deposit profitability, a mortgage credit lending program for acquisition of cottages, country houses and townhouses; since 2007 13 regional branches have launched the Personal Credit Consultant service, etc.

    In marketing the «Dokhodnaya» Card B&NBANK marketing units undertook a large-scale research of regional markets of debit payment cards, determined competitive price parameters and elaborated promotional programs. The research demonstrated that the Bank had developed a product unique for mid-2007 unmatched by its characteristics. In 2007, B&NBANK’s Marketing Department conducted a consistent efforts for monitoring and adjustment products of price parameters offered by the Bank. Actively expanding regional business the Bank devotes a great deal of attention to monitoring the situation on local financial markets in order to ensure optimal parameters of products and services offered through the Bank’s branch network.

    The Bank conducted research concerning tariffs for and structure of services related to issue and servicing of plastic cards, lease of deposit boxes, remittance of private clients’ cash, credits for new business development and under bonus programs for present borrowers, twice made the study of competitive environment and prospects of leasing services in Russia.

    A landmark of 2007 was the program «Exchange your regular for our golden». Within the framework of the action each individual who had come of age of 18 and produced a valid banking card of any bank had an opportunity to get a Gold category «Dokhodnaya» Card without withholding of any obligatory minimal initial contribution. The action was supported by press advertising campaign, a promotional action on Radio Maximum with draw of cards, and a promotional mail campaign.

    As a result of the action 24,698 cards were opened, the sales (of trade and service enterprises) on Dokhodnaya Cards grew on the average 8 times, the balances of Dokhodnaya Card accounts increased by almost RUB 580 million.

    A more remarkable event of 2007 was a promotional lottery for «Super Summer» depositors within the framework of which all clients who had opened and not terminated the «Super Summer» deposit before August 31, 2007 became lottery players (jackpot – five seven day tours for two). The action attracted over RUB 5 billion in deposits.

    During the first half of 2008 priority promotion was set to a consumer crediting and credit cards. To increase customer interest to these products “Too much needs” advertising campaign had been developed and “Credit Card B&NBANK – money always at your hand.” Major marketing communications channel was printed media (press) and radio. Total cost of advertising campaign was 21 million rubles, which gained 1.9 billion rubles to bank’s loan portfolio.

    In mid-2008 due to unfavorable market conditions of macroeconomy and instability in the financial markets B&NBANK had made adjustments in the promotion strategy, reallocating resources to attract new corporate customers and increased activity in retail deposits.

    B&NBANK had developed and introduced the new range of deposits “Profitable +”, promotion campaign named “Income on your terms” had been organized. It included stimulating lottery which was conducted on a quarterly basis in order to win any additional increase in investor contributions twice. Bank’s costs of promotion – 12 million rubles allowed to attract deposits of about 6 billion rubles in total.

    In 2009 B&NBANK had introduced new time deposits “What? Where? When?” and “Pension deposit”, and the bank changed the profitability of the previously introduced deposits “Dokhodniy”, “Dokhodniy VIP”.

    B&N Bank: Federal marketing campaigns, B2C products promotion

    Sales support and promotion of “What? Where? When? ” lasted ten months, during that time the number of depositors grew up by more than 25%.

    In 2009 for whole the year of time deposits promotion the Bank had set 85.2 million rubles budget. And actually it had spent 68.5 million. This had gained to passive retail portfolio of the Bank more than 14.5 billion rubles. In 2009 total advertising budget exceeded 229.5 million rubles.

    In addition in the second half of 2009 and 2010 B&NBANK promoted brokerage service, “universal” debit card and new line of consumer crediting products.

    Check campaign samples and read more
  • Corporate Banking Marketing

    B2B services marketing by Andrey Palagin
    Founded in 1993, B&N BANK offers a wide range of corporate banking services (including lending to large corporate clients & SME lending, payment and account services, international settlements, trade finance and ECA-backed finance, payroll services, leasing, etc), retail banking services (deposits, credit and debit cards, overdraft facilities, car, consumer and mortgage loans, etc) and financial markets activities.

    Development of corporate services is one of B&NBANK’s business priorities. The bank offers a wide range of products directed to different categories of corporate clients, including small-scale and medium-scale enterprises, state and municipal enterprises and organizations.

    Corporate banking promotion at B&N Bank by Andrey Palagin
    B&N Bank: Federal marketing campaigns, B2B products promotion

    Several years ago B&NBANK revised its approaches to corporate crediting and set itself a task to reduce gradually a share of large wholesale clients and raise a share of retail clients, including small-scale and medium-scale businesses. Last year the Bank kept on pursuing the policy directed to reduce asset and liability concentration. As a result, in 2007 the ten largest borrowers’ share in the corporate credit portfolio fell to 13%, and the twenty largest borrowers’ share to 22%.

    The task of lowering the level of credit portfolio concentration was also solved by introducing regional credit policies into all Bank’s subsidiaries, which policies establish attractive prices for the key services to the mass client segment. This task solution was also facilitated by the enhancement of corporate client micro-crediting within the Program for Crediting of Small-Scale and Medium-scale Business.

    In 2006 – 2010, B&NBANK widely marketed its corporate services including SME lending, leasing, cash and settlement services. The campaign was aimed at increasing the number of corporate customers using cash and settlement, as well as remote banking services. During the campaign the Bank offered the free opening of accounts and connection to the Internet-Bank system. These actions made it possible to attract new clients and orient them towards the use of sophisticated products that help save time and money.

    The Bank’s strategy in the area of cash and settlement services focused on the increase of the SME client base.

    The Bank upgraded the services and unified procedures for cash and settlement operations based on the cross-section analysis of client needs in this segment. As a result, the process of customer approval was notably simplified for potential SME customers.

    Outlining procedures for core transactions made it possible to upgrade training system for the Bank’s employees and ultimately improve the quality of services for clients.

    B&NBANK widely marketed its corporate services including SME lending, leasing, cash and settlement services. The campaign was aimed at increasing the number of corporate customers using cash and settlement, as well as remote banking services. During the campaign the Bank offered the free opening of accounts and connection to the Internet-Bank system.

    These actions made it possible to attract new clients and orient them towards the use of sophisticated products that help save time and money.

    Check advertising campaigns samples and read more on my portfolio website

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