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Andrey Palagin

I am a Sales and Marketing Manager who helps medium-sized businesses market their products or services that modern society really needs, to make this place a little bit better and life much easier. A wide range of skills and 20+ years of experience support me in doing that much more effectively and efficiently than others in the field. My nickname is Goal Achiever. I always have some fresh ideas and I am open to any opportunities. Do you want your business to go beyond its limits? If yes, then let's make an appointment to talk about it.

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Andrey Palagin

Professional Skills

I am proficient in B2C and B2B sales management in the software, real estate and financial industries, have over 20 years of experience in public relations and advertisement, highly efficient marketing project management, investment products and brand promotion. Moreover, I am an advanced graphic and web designer who can interact with partners and customers in English, Russian, and Thai languages.

Digital Marketing and Analytics 90%
Sales Management 65%
PR and Advertisement 95%
Web Design 50%


Search Engine Optimization aimed at increasing organic traffic and site visibility on the Internet.


Paid per click - a combination of paid search and display advertising used to acquire high-quality leads for a business.

Paid Social

Social Media advertising serves to engage prospects on leading social media platforms with precision targeting.

Web Design

Website development and improvement purposely for representing a business on the Internet and generating sales online.

Digital Analytics

Digital data collection and analysis that provides an organization with vital information and actionable insights.

Sales Management

Sales force coordination to move leads down the funnel and transform prospects into loyal customers.

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  • Design Projects and Ideas

    Design Projects and Ideas by Andrey Palagin
    These are a few examples of personal websites and internet projects. My creative works could be described as a strategy that accomplishes the mission. This can apply not only to the message development but to the choices of methods, media, money, and measurement.

    Landing page for Demand Management Initiatives developed by Andrey Palagin
    Demand Capture landing page & Demand Management Initiatives website

    Blog made for by Andrey Palagin
    Blog on PDF Online (

    Design concept made for BCL by Andrey Palagin
    BCL eastConverter webpage design concept

    AddTwelve website and blog made by Andrey Palagin
    addtwelve Digital Marketing Website version 3.0

    Lead generating website for Java PDF Library made by Andrey Palagin
    Website - lead generator for Java PDF Library

    A website for HTML to PDF SDK to generate leads by Andrey Palagin
    HTML TO PDF SDK - a website for PDF software development kit

    Andrey Palagin's personal marketing portfolio and work samples
    AP.pedia - Personal marketing portfolio and work samples

    add12 Digital Marketing agency's website design example
    add12 Digital Marketing Agency's website, version 2.0

    Empire Property website design example, made by Andrey Palagin
    Empire Property - Thailand-based real estate agency website
    B2B businesses website design samples by Andrey Palagin
    B2B businesses website samples

    Web Desing Agency web portfilio design example by Andrey Palagin
    Design Agency's web portfolio

  • Event Management

    Event Management by Andrey Palagin (Tea Festival)

    Event management is the process of developing and holding an event. This process traverses from the beginning of planning all the way to post-event strategizing.

    In the year 2003, Andrey Palagin volunteered as an assistant to the PR and Event Manager of the International Festival of Tea and Coffee which has become the annual Moscow city holiday, considered to be one of the most expected and outstanding events in the cultural life. During 6 years of its history, the Festival has been visited by 230 000 people.

    The festival’s most important goals and objectives were to promote a healthy way of living through the general public and young people and the revival of the national traditions of tea drinking.

    The main participants of the event were Russian and foreign production and trade companies, as well as business associations dealing in the tea and coffee industries.

    Andrey Palagin's personal achievements are 3 new sponsors (festival contesters) foundation and 4 federal mass media outlet’s involvement in the event informational support.

    The variable cultural program of the festival acquaints its guests with tea and coffee, world civilizations, and spreads awareness of culture and art of the countries that have been growing tea and coffee for hundreds and thousands of years. Guests of the festival are offered to take part in ancient and modern tea and coffee ceremonies lead by ethnic music and stories of different nations’ traditions.

    Read more about the event on AP.pedia - Andrey Palagin Portfolio

    Andrey Palagin's first full-time marketing job was at Karting Center 100%, a.k.a. Karting 100%, which was established in August 2003 in the west district of Moscow. The karting center held and organized dozens of competitions and races. Some highlights include:

    • In association with the weekly journal “Big City”, an open championship was organized and ran for six weeks. The prize fund consisted of 100 000 rubles. In addition, the partners of the Championship included the Olga Komisarova company store, “Pioneer” cinema, a brand shop of Crimean wines, the coffee shop “Green & Brown” and the club “Cupcake”.
    • The FASTRACE race was a visit card for Karting Center 100%. It was a traditional event. It was held every month and lasts for 1 week. Kart lovers from all over Moscow came to this race. Most of these races were organized according to clients’ requests and city’s demand.

    My major achievements of AP as a marketing manager were: 5 main strategic partners & suppliers found; increased the local entertainment club’s awareness up to 24%; 20+ free articles published; over 15 corporate events and races organized.

    In terms of corporate entertainment, parties and mass events at Karting 100% were great. There was not too much worry about what to do and how to entertain guests for event managers. Karting, billiards, air hockey, fine dining – the place had plenty of opportunities.

    Various TV programs had been filmed in the territory of Karting Center 100% constantly. Over 2004-2005 centers had visited camera crews broadcasting companies such as REN TV (the program “Witness”), M 1 (Be ready!) etc. Articles and press releases about Karting 100% had been published in several journals and newspapers, such as press Afisha, Vash dosug, Dosug & razvlecheniya, Gde, Time Out, Automag, F1, ProSport, Big City, Motto, Formula, Autospoert, Active Woman, Soviet Sport and others.

    Does it interest you? Check the ad sample and read more on AP's personal portfolio.

    In 2006, IMR (the PR agency Andrey Palagin worked for) offered its clients to participate in organizing an absolutely new, unique auto-expedition around Gorniy Altay – “SIBERIAN MARATHON 2006, TROPHY EXPEDITION. TYUNGURSK BREAKTHROUGH” which began at 24.07.2006 and continued until the end of August, using two stages: Travel on a route of N.Roerich’s expedition (1926) and the Extreme stage, travel under extreme mountain conditions. The primary organizer was “Off Road Master Club” – an extreme auto-travel club of Novosibirsk. The event’s main goal was auto & moto-travel propaganda, first-passing over the well-known “Tungur Iny” way, known as “Katulskaya rout”, which has a height category of difficulty for auto & moto tourists.

    Event Management by AP - Siberian Marathon starting pointEvent Management by AP - Siberian Marathon in progress

    Since the beginning, IMR expected mighty efficiency of their client’s sponsorship. As a result of that event, PR support managed by IMR produced more than 40 published articles in federal and local mass media, as well as 6 TV news spots that were released within 2 months after the marathon. All that has led to a significant increase in brand awareness of our client on the Russian market.


    Looking for clever manager who can establish an efficient marketing strategy for your business? Want to start seeing new customers, clients, and partnerships that last? Review my background, check how my skills and capabilities could be inlined with your business needs. Request Andrey Palagin's resume now.



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